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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I really need therapy? 

A: Emotional wellness and mental health are very important. They impact every facet of day-to-day functioning. 


Life difficulties often influence a person (or a couple) to seek therapy. When a person feels very upset and desires to seek clarity or support...that is an opportune time to engage in therapy.


Seeking an initial appointment for therapy takes courage and is one of the most important steps to feeling better. 


Q: How long will I need therapy? 

A: The length of treatment truly depends on what you would like to accomplish through the therapy process, and what you are struggling with the most. Therapy should remain goal-focused, so it should be clear to both of us when you are achieving your goals.


Q: Do you tell anyone what I share in therapy? 

A: Clients have the legal and ethical right to confidentiality. This means the information shared in therapy will be kept within the context of therapy, except where law or ethics mandates otherwise (as will be discussed in your initial assessment).


You must sign a consent to release information before information about you can be released to other people or institutions not covered under the mandates of law or ethics.


Q: Do you accept insurance? 

A: Dr. Gibson accepts the following forms of payment: Health Savings Account, Check, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

She is an out of network provider who does not accept insurance at this time. If you would like to use your medical insurance a receipt can be provided for you to submit an out of network claim for reimbursement. Insurance companies typically reimburse 40-70% of the original fee depending on your insurance plan. It is recommend that you contact your insurance company so that you are aware of your out-of-pocket costs.


Although Dr. Gibson is not on any insurance panels, she will be happy to provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company, at your request.


Q: How should I best prepare for our first session? 

A: In the first session (diagnostic interview) Dr. Gibson will share what to expect from therapy, how she can best serve you, and complete intake forms.  If a good fit is not identified referrals to another therapist will be provided.  


Questions will be asked to get to know you and understand your situation. It is normal to be worried or anxious before the first session, but please know Dr. Gibson provides a safe, and comforting environment to guide you on your therapy journey. 


Q: What's the cancellation policy?

A: If you are unable to keep an appointment, you must cancel your appointment within 24 hours.  Please call me at 972-393-1596, extension 61 stating the cancellation. 


You are responsible for keeping your scheduled appointments. You will be billed for all missed appointments that are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance.


Q: What should I do if I'm experiencing a crisis? 

A: If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1 or a local crisis counseling center for immediate assistance.

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